In recognition of his signficant contributions to polymer chemistry and materials. He has   constantly engaged in cutting edge research in materials and phenomena, applying the best   analytical tools to probe  and discover new paradigms in basic research and application. Dr.   Advincula has invented new materials and a novel approach for combining  electrochemistry, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy techniques in a  single set.

         He has engaged in training the best minds among his Filipino students, helping shape   their careers in the sciences and engineering. He is also fully engaged in helping the   Philippines through collaborative research, mentoring and helping industries. He has   mentored 16 Filipino graduate students in his laboratory in the USA and provided short-term   training to Filipino students







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Article from NAST 40th Annual Scientific Meeting, Science and Technology-Enhanced Transformation for Sustainability and Resiliency (2018-203), The Manila Hotel | July 11-12,2018