2nd Semester Events

  • Chem Immersion

Chem Immersion aims to prepare Chemistry majors for Chem 197, Special Topics in Applied Chemistry. Chem 197 is a course designed to give chemistry majors an opportunity to work in actual job situations which may be in industry or research environment. Chem 197 students from the previous year were invited to share their experiences and the course coordinator oriented the future students about what more they should expect and what is expected of them.


  • ACME Exhibit

ACME Exhibit is displayed at the 2nd floor of the Institute of Chemistry Teaching Building and creatively showcases the information, events, and achievements of the organization. It is exhibited during the whole month of March, wherein UP ACME celebrated its 20th year anniversary with the theme ACME Month 20/20: Same Vision, Different Perspectives. This year’s exhibit features several interactive optical illusions that cater to the theme.


  • Lab-Ah!

A free lab gown washing event for the entire month of March, as a service to chemistry students, researchers, professors and staff.


  • Patichem

Patichem is an eating contest open to all students of the university. With the theme of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, teams of three players each race to finish several rounds of food in the fastest time. Participants enjoyed rounds of pancit canton, pizza, ice cream, and many more!


  • Chemiskwela

Chemiskwela is an event with the ultimate aim to make high school students know more about and appreciate chemistry through seminars that will present what chemistry is as a science, as a coursework, and as a profession, and a fair that will feature activities that will reinforce this goal. This year, it was held at North Fairview High School and the event entertained over 800 students.


  • Kara-O-Chem

Kara-O- Chem is a karaoke trivia quiz bee competition which aims to showcase the love for music and science of students inside and outside the College of Science. This event features teams composed of three players each. Knowledge of the performers, lyrics and titles of popular songs will be tested in three increasingly exciting rounds: Sino ang CHEMente?, Perfect CHEMbination, and You CHEMplete Me.


  • Akapnayan

Akapnayan is a charity event held in partnership with The Mind Museum (TMM) which aims to provide the UP ACME members an opportunity give back to the community, or the beneficiary chosen: Kuya Center For Street Children. By showcasing science, specifically chemistry, through the Mind Movers program of TMM and through fun, whole-day engagements between the members and kids from Kuya Center, the event was able to inculcate a greater appreciation for chemistry for both participants and organizers, while giving the beneficiary a one-of-a-kind experience with science.


  • Kimikain

Kimikain is one of the socio-civic events of UP ACME held annually as part of the organization’s anniversary week. The event served as an avenue where the organization showed its gratitude to the chemistry students and enthusiasts they serve by holding a free lunch. A variety of participants attended the event in addition to UP students. Research assistants, faculty and staff of the Institute were also invited and given lunch during this grand pakain. Kimikain immerses the organization and the institute to the grand pakain culture in the university of several organizations during their respective anniversary week celebrations.


  • Grand ACMEet

A grand get-together of both alumni and current members, held as a culmination of the anniversary month celebration of the organization. This year’s Grand ACMEet was themed Nostalgia, wherein past and present members of UP ACME were able to gather together in their most retro attires, reminisce the great past, and enjoy the present success of the organization through fun activities over dinner.