Please view the Chemical Safety Training (pdf) and Chemical Spill Handling (pdf) and the ASL Safety Guide (pdf) before taking this Safety Quiz.

The Safety Quiz link will be active again for another week (September 22 - 30, 2022).


Click Here for the IC Safety Quiz 2022


Upon submission of the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email with your quiz score.

While a 70% or above is required to pass, there is no limit to the number of times the quiz may be retaken before the required passing score is achieved. Note however, this must be requested to Rheo B. Lamorena-Lim, current Safety Officer, to gain access for the Safety Quiz link.

Upon passing the quiz, you will receive an email providing details regarding the quiz. You will receive a certificate to complete your IChem-UPD Safety Training. Not taking the Safety Quiz is considered non-compliance.


Calling all alumni batch 1995, 1996, and 1997! The Institute of Chemistry together with the UP Chemistry Alumni Foundation is set to hold a tripartite Alumni Homecoming in August of 2022. To help us prepare and be able to update you of developments, please accomplish the survey form by following this link.



AS OF: January 3, 2019 11:14 am
Degree Level  
 ADVISER                        STUDENTNO
Carino, Flerida 201510540
Carino, Flerida 201514059
Carino, Flerida 201502902
Carino, Flerida 201500052
Carino, Flerida 201500165
Carino, Flerida 201501036
Claudio, Gil 201500066
Claudio, Gil 201507394
Claudio, Gil 201500638
Claudio, Gil 201512750
Claudio, Gil 201501059
Claudio, Gil 201509969
Coo, Lilibeth 201513511
Coo, Lilibeth 201500162
Coo, Lilibeth 201504532
Esleta, Baby  201513494
Esleta, Baby  201500368
Esleta, Baby  201500827
Esleta, Baby  201512565
Esleta, Baby  201501755
Esleta, Baby  201500829
Espino, Pythias 201507899
Espino, Pythias 201512608
Espino, Pythias 201508209
Espino, Pythias 201505802
Espino, Pythias 201501271
Espino, Pythias 201512614
Gregorio, Cynthia G 201508331
Lim, Len 201507729
Lim, Len 201509529
Lim, Len 201510728
Lim, Len 201500978
Lim, Len 201501150
Lim, Len 201508016
Martinez, Imee 201509377
Martinez, Imee 201512640
Martinez, Imee 201504266
Paderes, Monissa 201501175
Paderes, Monissa 201504292
Paderes, Monissa 201514537
Paderes, Monissa 201511777
Paderes, Monissa 201513521
Paderes, Monissa 201501072
Pascual, Cherry 201506249
Pascual, Cherry 201505419
Pascual, Cherry 201590756
Pascual, Cherry 201508501
Pascual, Cherry 201500252
Pascual, Cherry 201505402
Payawan, Leon 201505863
Payawan, Leon 201513129
Payawan, Leon 201510828
Payawan, Leon 201503726
Payawan, Leon 201506492
Payawan, Leon 201502859
Ratilla, Eva 201511684
Ratilla, Eva 201511479
Ratilla, Eva 201508499
Ratilla, Eva 201507107
Ratilla, Eva 201511948
Ratilla, Eva 201502075
Sabido, Portia G 201505968
See, Sean 201508911
See, Sean 201501151
See, Sean 201512763
See, Sean 201511622
See, Sean 201500086
See, Sean 201503099
Valera, Florenda S 201505063
Valera, Florenda S 201513633
Valera, Florenda S 201502979
Valera, Florenda S 201500982
Villasenor, Irene M 201507622
Villasenor, Irene M 201505423
Villasenor, Irene M 201509564
Villasenor, Irene M 201504454
Villasenor, Irene M 201513588
Villasenor, Irene M 201500376

 ADVISER                       STUDENTNO  
Villaraza, Aaron 201689861
Villaraza, Aaron 201600202
Villaraza, Aaron 201690851
Villaraza, Aaron 201601290
Villaraza, Aaron 201600868
Villaraza, Aaron 201689652
Zulueta, Medel 201600677
Zulueta, Medel 201600349
Zulueta, Medel 201600461
Zulueta, Medel 201690365
Zulueta, Medel 201690359
Zulueta, Medel 201601424
Zulueta, Medel 201601536
AS OF: January 3, 2019 11:14 am
Degree Level  
Yago, Allan C 201789013
Yago, Allan C 201700389
Yago, Allan C 201700513
Yago, Allan C 201790009
Yago, Allan C 201701317
Yago, Allan C 201789154
Yago, Allan C 201700064
Yago, Allan C 201700262
Hernandez, Christine C 201789062

BS  CHEMISTRY   AS OF: January 3, 2019 11:14 am

Sem/Term   Unit   Degree Level            


ADVISER                         STUDENTNO

Amor, Evangeline C 2018-08595
Amor, Evangeline C 2018-06178
Amor, Evangeline C 2018-04220
Amor, Evangeline C 2018-05564
Amor, Evangeline C 2018-02347
Arco, Susan R 2018-02269
Arco, Susan R 2018-07520
Arco, Susan R 2018-02774
Arco, Susan R 2018-05275
Arco, Susan R 2018-02024
Conato, Marlon 2018-07493
Conato, Marlon 2018-02506
Conato, Marlon 2018-03139
Conato, Marlon 2018-01637
Conato, Marlon 2018-11883
Conato, Marlon 2018-04466
Conato, Marlon 2018-07961
Coo, Lilibeth 2018-04189
Coo, Lilibeth 2018-11532
del Mundo, Florian 2018-06668
del Mundo, Florian 2018-01239
delMundo, Florian 2018-08072
delMundo, Florian 2018-09336
delMundo, Florian 2018-08135
Gregorio, Cynthia G 2018-02253
Gregorio, Cynthia G 2018-09869
Hernandez, Christine C  
Hernandez, Christine C 2018-05944
Hernandez, Christine C 2018-01919
Hernandez, Christine C 2018-10694
Hernandez, Christine C 2018-02676
Hernandez, Christine C 2018-07385
Junio, Hiyas 2018-01975
Junio, Hiyas 2018-07982
Junio, Hiyas 2018-20207
Junio, Hiyas 2018-05931
Lamorena, Rheo 2018-01062
Lamorena, Rheo 2018-05411
Lamorena, Rheo 2018-10179
Lamorena, Rheo 2018-10175
Lamorena, Rheo 2018-05764
Lamorena, Rheo 2018-02233
Lamorena, Rheo 2018-08358
Martinez, Imee 2018-08319
Martinez, Imee 2018-04215
Nellas, Ricky B 2018-09696
Nellas, Ricky B 2018-07110
Nellas, Ricky B 2018-04844
Paderes, Monissa C 2018-01679
Pascual, Cherry B 2018-05161
Yu, Eizadora T 2018-08095
Yu, Eizadora T 2018-00264
Yu, Eizadora T 2018-04174
Yu, Eizadora T 2018-09025

BS  CHEMISTRY   AS OF: November 23, 2022

Sem/Term   Unit   Degree Level            


ADVISER                         STUDENTNO

Castriciones, Emily 201910460
Castriciones, Emily 201904777
Castriciones, Emily 201911745
Castriciones, Emily 201906500
Castriciones, Emily 201901517
Castriciones, Emily 201909513
Castriciones, Emily 201906833
Castriciones, Emily 201904131
Castriciones, Emily 201903004
Espino, Ma Pythias B 201905377
Espino, Ma Pythias B 201904711
Espino, Ma Pythias B 201906900
Espino, Ma Pythias B 201901659
Espino, Ma Pythias B 201908620
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201909387
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201905711
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201907682
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201903199
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201907595
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201907132
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201904035
Gregorio, Cynthia Grace C 201900919
Junio, Hiyas 201906610
Junio, Hiyas 201906092
Junio, Hiyas 201902348
Junio, Hiyas 201905563
Junio, Hiyas 201911765
Lim, Len Herald 201902510
Lim, Len Herald 201902585
Lim, Len Herald 201907157
Lim, Len Herald 201905734
Lim, Len Herald 201902586
Lim, Len Herald 201900042
Lim, Len Herald 201901847
Lim, Len Herald 201910419
Martinez, Imee S 201907554
Martinez, Imee S 201912178
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 201921204
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 201903297
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 201910496
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 201900258
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 201900829
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 201904655
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 201900852
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201907871
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201908103
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201909567
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201906086
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201907779
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201911769
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201902520
Nuesca, Guillermo M 201907608
Regulacio, Michelle D 201904163
Regulacio, Michelle D 201903282
Regulacio, Michelle D 201910694
Regulacio, Michelle D 201906438
Regulacio, Michelle D 201900221
Regulacio, Michelle D 201904941
See, Sean Benson A 201901628
See, Sean Benson A 201904931
See, Sean Benson A 201903519
See, Sean Benson A 201905680
See, Sean Benson A 201908221
See, Sean Benson A 201904484
Villasenor, Irene M 201901763
Villasenor, Irene M 201903065
Villasenor, Irene M 201910914
Villasenor, Irene M 201911339
Villasenor, Irene M 201900509
Villasenor, Irene M 201911359
Villasenor, Irene M 201905401
Zulueta, Medel Manuel L 201907041
Zulueta, Medel Manuel L 201905557

BS  CHEMISTRY   AS OF: November 23, 2022

Sem/Term   Unit   Degree Level            


ADVISER                         STUDENTNO

Amor, Evangeline C 202010823
Amor, Evangeline C 202010606
Amor, Evangeline C 202006766
Amor, Evangeline C 202010126
Claudio, Gil C 202001942
Claudio, Gil C 202000607
Claudio, Gil C 202004140
Claudio, Gil C 202003849
Claudio, Gil C 202003720
Conato, Marlon T 202001955
Conato, Marlon T 202010641
Conato, Marlon T 202001957
Conato, Marlon T 202001018
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202004146
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202006421
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202011352
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202002199
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202006910
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202011010
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202000385
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202002801
Coo, Lilibeth dela Cruz 202006184
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo B 202011221
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo B 202005979
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo B 202006570
Martinez, Imee S 202002852
Martinez, Imee S 202006586
Martinez, Imee S 202002377
Martinez, Imee S 202000129
Martinez, Imee S 202011966
Martinez, Imee S 202011057
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 202010513
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 202004280
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 202000682
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 202011133
Miroy, Greta Josephine G 202005790
Nellas, Ricky B 202000325
Nellas, Ricky B 202004614
Nellas, Ricky B 202003332
Nellas, Ricky B 202000918
Nellas, Ricky B 202001102
Paderes, Monissa C 202005448
Paderes, Monissa C 202006166
Paderes, Monissa C 202004618
Paderes, Monissa C 202010417
Paderes, Monissa C 202002671
Regulacio, Michelle D 202005121
Regulacio, Michelle D 202004167
Regulacio, Michelle D 202003291
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202010765
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202003070
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202000994
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202005466
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202005587
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202004770
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202003216
Villaraza, Aaron Joseph L 202003970
Zulueta, Medel Manuel L 202007269
Zulueta, Medel Manuel L 202012463
Zulueta, Medel Manuel L 202008579

BS  CHEMISTRY   AS OF: November 23, 2022

Sem/Term   Unit   Degree Level            


ADVISER                         STUDENTNO

Arco, Susan 202102702
Arco, Susan 202107978
Arco, Susan 202108956
Arco, Susan 202108737
Conato, Marlon 202104318
Conato, Marlon 202106945
Conato, Marlon 202112472
Conato, Marlon 202102805
Dimayacyac-Esleta, Baby 202112524
Dimayacyac-Esleta, Baby 202100863
Dimayacyac-Esleta, Baby 202111443
Espino, Pythias 202108428
Espino, Pythias 202111528
Espino, Pythias 202102321
Gregorio, Grace 202101866
Gregorio, Grace 202103043
Gregorio, Grace 202104421
Hernandez, Christine 202113118
Hernandez, Christine 202101581
Hernandez, Christine 202106911
Junio, Hiyas 202109339
Junio, Hiyas 202100917
Junio, Hiyas 202111328
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo 202107089
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo 202110690
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo 202111225
Martinez, Imee 202103068
Martinez, Imee 202107308
Martinez, Imee 202113281
Miroy, Greta 202111659
Miroy, Greta 202110259
Miroy, Greta 202105368
Nellas, Ricky 202113188
Nellas, Ricky 202104045
Nellas, Ricky 202105271
Nuesca, Guillermo 202150299
Nuesca, Guillermo 202104516
Paderes, Monissa 202100802
Paderes, Monissa 202110072
Paderes, Monissa 202112814
Regulacio, Michelle 202113712
Regulacio, Michelle 202105376
Villaraza, Aaron 202106135
Villaraza, Aaron 202112838
Villaraza, Aaron 202100859
Zulueta, Medel 202107713
Zulueta, Medel 202106921
Zulueta, Medel 202108145
Yago, Allan 202107484

BS  CHEMISTRY   AS OF: November 23, 2022

Sem/Term   Unit   Degree Level            


ADVISER                                                STUDENTNO

Amor, Evangeline 202213917
Amor, Evangeline 202201517
Amor, Evangeline 202200813
Amor, Evangeline 202206926
Castriciones, Emily 202200087
Castriciones, Emily 202200678
Castriciones, Emily 202207016
Castriciones, Emily 202211583
Claudio, Gil 202213731
Claudio, Gil 202210338
Claudio, Gil 202220102
Claudio, Gil 202220104
Dimayacyac-Esleta, Baby 202205968
Dimayacyac-Esleta, Baby 202203507
Dimayacyac-Esleta, Baby 202207479
Dimayacyac-Esleta, Baby 202210502
Espino, Pythias 202201975
Espino, Pythias 202206322
Espino, Pythias 202203740
Espino, Pythias 202203733
Gregorio, Grace 202209473
Gregorio, Grace 202208578
Gregorio, Grace 202203876
Gregorio, Grace 202208224
Junio, Hiyas 202201716
Junio, Hiyas 202210219
Junio, Hiyas 202210345
Junio, Hiyas 202202777
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo 202208929
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo 202208085
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo 202213299
Lamorena-Lim, Rheo 202212984
Lim, Len 202210855
Lim, Len 202213661
Lim, Len 202204382
Lim, Len 202212265
Martinez, Imee 202211332
Martinez, Imee 202210907
Martinez, Imee 202213121
Miroy, Greta 202203949
Miroy, Greta 202213772
Miroy, Greta 202204725
Miroy, Greta 202213909
Nellas, Ricky 202207167
Nellas, Ricky 202203579
Nellas, Ricky 202210813
Nellas, Ricky 202204417
Paderes, Monissa 202208099
Paderes, Monissa 202202648
Paderes, Monissa 202210575
Paderes, Monissa 202206534
Regulacio, Michelle 202201281
Regulacio, Michelle 202202189
Regulacio, Michelle 202212597
Regulacio, Michelle 202200687
See, Sean 202208250
See, Sean 202203752
See, Sean 202212710
See, Sean 202220651
Sotelo, Tiffany 202212734
Sotelo, Tiffany 202211579
Sotelo, Tiffany 202213817
Sotelo, Tiffany 202201772
Villaraza, Aaron 202220656
Villaraza, Aaron 202220696


Library Hours: The library is open to serve you through Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00nn and 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Established in June 2012, the Institute of Chemistry Library is one of the ten (10) satellite libraries of the College of Science Library. Its mission is to support the curricular, instructional and research programs of the institute, through relevant and updated library resources in the field of chemistry.  It provides high quality service to students, faculty and staff of the UP community and the general public as well through enhanced access to innovative information resources.Established in June 2012, the Institute of Chemistry Library is one of the ten (10) satellite libraries of the College of Science Library. Its mission is to support the curricular, instructional and research programs of the institute, through relevant and updated library resources in the field of chemistry.  It provides high quality service to students, faculty and staff of the UP community and the general public as well through enhanced access to innovative information resources. 

The Institute of Chemistry Library is strategically located at the 1st floor of the IC Teaching Building, Room T1114, College of Science Complex, University of the Philippines. It is open to serve you through Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00nn and 1:00pm to 5:00pm. (Temporarily closed until further notice)

User Group

No. of Books




1 week



1 week



30 days



1 week



1 week

Overdue Charges:

            - Php 2.00 per day exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays & holidays

  • Circulation collection

The library houses and circulates more than 440 volumes of print books covering highly specialized topics in chemistry. These are classified according to Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and displayed in an open shelf where readers can go directly to the shelf and select books they would need. All books may be checked out with a current validated UP identification card for a loan periods of two weeks.

  • Theses and dissertation collection

The library holds a collection of around 970 titles of print thesis and dissertations written by IC students. These can be easily accessed and retrieved using the library’s in-house database --the ABCD.  Access to ABCD is made through the internet and it can be used remotely by users all at the same time.

  • Non-print collectionCurrently,

the library has approximately 350 e-books and subscribed to an electronic database called American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications with 68 scientific journals covering various fields in chemistry accessible on and off campus through Open Athens.

  • Reading area and individual study carrels – this area has thirty (30) seating capacity which can be used for individual or group study.
  • Internet station - equipped with 2 computers with Internet connection.  Services available are internet search, access to online databases and Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
  • Scanning and Printing station - a separate computer unit solely for scanning and printing purposes. 
  • Wi-Fi enabled area Wifi name:

- IChemLibrary

- Password:  nicescience

  • Fully air-conditioned facility

1. Remote Access through OpenAthens

Access more than a hundred databases in different disciplines and twenty (20) plus databases with science and technology subjects. Two ways to access OpenAthens:            

Access via MyAthens:

  • Go to;
  • Search for "University of the Philippines Diliman" in the "Find your Institution" search bar;
  • Click "UP Webmail";
  • Log in to your UP Mail account;
  • Select the electronic databases you wish to access. 

Access via Google Apps:

  • Sign in to your UP Mail at;
  • Click the App Launcher at the upper right corner, scroll down and click the OpenAthens;
  • Click "Login to MyAthens";
  • Select the electronic databases you wish to access.

2. CS Libraries eBook Hub

Access IC syllabi references, IC library frequently used books, IC library and other CS institute libraries eBook collection anytime and anywhere.

  • Go to the CS Libraries eBook Hub website at;
  • Click the Login With UP Mail button and enter your UP Mail credentials;
  • Once logged in, edit your personal details in the account management form and accept the terms and conditions;
  • Kindly wait for the CSLIB administrators to validate your account;
  • You will receive a confirmation email regarding the validation of your UP Mail account;
  • After validation, your next login will now be redirected to the homepage;
  • Finally, search by author or title using the discovery search box or explore the most frequently used books, syllabi references, and general list of eBooks per institute.

3. Document deliveryFor eBook and Journal article requests, email us using your UP mail account.

  • If no UP mail yet, send us a copy of your Form 5.
  • No limit to the number of documents/titles as long as it’s part of your IC syllabi references.

5. Theses and DissertationsRequest for electronic/scanned/print copy

  • Faculty - Full text w/o expiration (if adviser). *If the Faculty is not the adviser, he/she should comply with the requirements same with the students.
  • Students - Full text subject to the following requirements: (w/ expiration). *1. Classified as “F” for regular work; 2. Expired embargo (2018 and below); 3. University Permission page or must secure permission from the author or adviser.

6. Ask-a-Librarian and Current AwarenessWe provide the latest news and updates on the library’s collection, services and other announcements through our IC Library Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail account. Feel free to reach us anytime at our social media and Gmail account.

  • Facebook -
  • Gmail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7. Data Analytics (for IC faculty only)For faculty publication and citation report requests, email us using your UP mail account.

8. Acquisition of Library Materials (for IC Faculty only)

  • Send library material request to the IC Librarian-in-Charge, or
  • Fill out the online library material request form at The College of Science Tracking System is a web-based platform that will allow CS Faculty to submit book request(s) online, check the status of book request(s) anytime, check the book fund updated per institute and view the updated list of new books per institute.

9.  InterLibrary Loan (ILL)For faculty who need help in obtaining reference materials from other libraries.

  • Send your request to our official Gmail using your UP mail account


10. Library Orientation
For new students and faculty who want to learn some basic information about the IC library, its resources and how to use them.

  • Send your request to our official Gmail using your UP mail account.

11. Internet, Wi-Fi and battery charging stations

  • Wi-Fi, battery charging and use of computers are FREE and on a first-come, first-served basis.

12.  Reading and Discussion Area

  • NO facemask NO ENTRY
  • First-come, first-served basis

13. Printing and Scanning            

Printing rates

  • B&W - P3.00 per page
  • Color - P5.00 to P15.00 per page

Scanning rates

  • P3.00 per page
  • Scan limit: up to 20 pages only (color or B&W)
  • Delivery: send through UP mail within the day
  1. Always bring your validated UP I.D. or Form 5. For ID countersigning. Please visit CS Library information desk.
  2. NO food or beverages are allowed inside the library.
  3. Please do not leave your things unattended. The library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage in items.
  4. Use of database should be restricted to academic research and teaching as reference only.
  • Circulation Services Circulation Services

- Borrowing of books 

- Loaning Privileges

All bonafide students, faculty and employees shall have these following privileges:

- Undergraduate students – 5 circulation books for two weeks

- Graduate students – 10 circulation books for two weeks

- Faculty – 10 circulation books for one month

- UP Employee (REPS)- 10 circulation books for two weeks

- UP Employee (Admin) – 5 circulation books for two weeks

  • Fines

- Anyone who fails to return a book on the due date will be fined P 2.00/day exclusive of weekends and holidays.

- Students with overdue books or with standing obligations will not be given a clearance during enrollment unless accountabilities are settled.

  • Reference Serviceso

- Ask-a-Librarian and current awareness via Gmail and Facebook

- Document deliveryo

- Interlibrary loan

- User instruction

- Gift and exchange

- Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC- Tuklas)

. . .




contact us:

Have a question? You can contact us through a call, chat or email for any library concerns and inquiries. Get in touch with us via the following details:

Telephone number: 981-8500 local 3680


Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ask-a-librarian thru CS Library website:

Twitter: twitter@UPDCSLIB

Address: Room T1114, Institute of Chemistry, Teaching Bldg, CS Complex, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City





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