High school investigatory project guidelines


1. Identify the Institute of Chemistry faculty member who will most likely be able to help with the research project. Visit the faculty web page, publications and research profile.

2. Once identified, send an email to the faculty member (cc Deputy Director for Research and Extension)
    a. Only the high-school science adviser or faculty-in-charge may email the identified professor
    b. Include the description of the research project – title, objectives of research, relevance/significance of work, methodology, duration of work and possible expenses
    c. Include a formal letter of request from the highest approving authority of the high school (e.g. principal or school director). The letter should specifiy the following:

i. Reason why activity is needed by students
ii. Logistic and financial support of school for the students who will do the project
iii. Mandatory acknowledgment of contribution of IC faculty and must share with IC all awards, citations that may be given to the project (during or after completion of activity)

3. The high-school adviser or faculty-in-charge must accompany the students for the entire duration of the activity.

4. No student will be allowed to perform their actual experiments in IC; students may only view or be given a chance to observe the actual ongoing experiment that comes with their requested service (e.g. watch how AAS instrument work, or HPLC run, etc.).

5. The following conditions should be followed first before a member of the high school research group will be allowed to enter any lab in IC
    a. The student must be insured or has an existing insurance policy.
    b. The school and parents/guardian of the student should issue a statement that the Institute of Chemistry and University of the Philippines is not liable for any accidents, severe            injury leading to death, or loss of property for the duration of the activity and while within premises of UP.


Download pdf file: High school investigatory project guidelines