Filipina Chemists among 45 selected HHMI International Student Research Fellows

Herdeline Ardona and Jennifer Obligacion, former Instructors of the Institute of Chemistry were among the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Student Research Fellows

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Herdeline Ardona

Herdeline Ardona is currently a fourth year graduate student in the laboratory of Professor John D. Tovar at the Department of Chemistry-Institute for Nanobiotechnology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland. Her research focuses on Molecular Structure-Function Correlation and Biomaterial Applications of Self-Assembling π-Conjugated Peptides.

"It is very encouraging to receive an award that recognizes not only our scientific contributions, but also our potential to become future scientific leaders. I hope this also serves as an encouragement to our current students that our UP Diliman education can help us prepare to become scientific leaders and innovators." - H.Ardona

Jennifer V. Obligacion

Jennifer Obligacion is currently a fourth year graduate student in the organometallic chemistry laboratory of Professor Paul Chirik at the Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, New Jersey. Her research topic is "Base Metal Catalysis for Carbon-Boron Bond Forming Reactions"

"Dream and keep on dreaming it. Simply “keeping it up” is not enough. Constantly challenge yourself every day and dream bigger. Be bolder and more creative as you continue to develop your craft." - J.Obligacion