Dr. Guillermo (Gerry) Nuesca

Position: Professor

Education: Ph.D. Chemistry (Univ. of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA)

Email: emailnuesca                                                                                                       


Albany Nanotech-CNSE, University at Albany-SUNY, 1997-2003.
Research and development of advanced materials for nanotechonology (semiconductor, optoelectronics, and related industries).
Semiconductor device fabrication, Materials and Surface characterization.




My research includes the development of new materials and deposition and characterization processes for thin film technology. My group is currently focused on studying different surface and interfacial phenomena; particularly, we are interested in studying self-organized nanoscale materials, modification and control of surfaces/interfaces and sol-gel derived materials. My students work with various materials for diverse and interdisciplinary applications such as catalysis, sensors, chemical separations, drug-delivery systems. We use various analytical techniques such as FTIR, AFM, SEM, XRF, UV-VIS, TGA, DSC, and other chromatography-based or spectroscopy methods. As a Chemistry educator, I am interested in developing new instructional methods for a more integrative undergraduate advanced laboratory courses.



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