Dr. Lilibeth Dela Cruz Coo

Position: Professor

Education: PhD (1999, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia)

MS Chemistry (1998, UP Diliman)

BS Chemistry (1979, UP Diliman)

Email: emailcoo


- A Nafion Membrane Based Optical Chemical Sensor for the determination of Heavy Metals in
Water Samples
- Study of the Water Quality in the Rivers and Deep Wells
- Study of the air quality by GC-Headspace
- Quality Assurance: Method Validation of ASL procedures
- Portable Optical Chemical Sensors for the determination of copper and zinc in ambient water
samples, PCIEERD, DOST, Aug 2013-July2015



Analytical Chemistry: Chemical Instrumentation, Chemical/Instrumental Method development, Chemical Lab Quality Assurance, Environmental
My research projects include method validation; instrumental analysis of environmental samples for PAHs (polyaromatic hydrocarbons) and residual insecticides and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), heavy metals; and development of optical chemical sensors.



Tyrosinase-based fiber optic biosensor for detection of phenols in river water samples Marietta Espina, Lilibeth Coo and Flerida Carino, Acta Manilana Vol 61 (2013), pp.127-136 ISSN:0065-1370, 2013

The use of a polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) in a paper-based sensor for the selective determination of Cu(II), Badra Jayawardane Kaththotaralalge, Lilibeth Coo, Spas Kolev and Robert Cattrall, ISI Analytica Chimica Acta 803 (2013) pp.106-112, July 2013

“The Comparative Air Analysis of the Institute of Chemistry, UP Diliman using Passive Sampler with Activated Charcoal and Commercially Available Adsorbent”, Dr. Lilibeth dlC. Coo; Christian Mark G. Salvador; Abegail Z. Rasco, Proceedings of the International Conference on Basic Sciences, Indonesia , 2011, ISBN: 978-602-97628-5-3.

“Mathematical modeling of a Nafion membrane based optode incorporating 1-(2’-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol under flow injection conditions” , Spas D. Kolev; Terence J. Cardwell; Robert W. Cattrall and Lilibeth dlC. Coo, Talanta, 2010.

“On-Line Preconcentration and Speciation of Arsenic by Flow Injection Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry”, Lilibeth dlC. Coo; Florian del Mundo and Ingrid Narcise. Talanta 2005.