Face to Face Classes in the Institute of Chemistry: 1st Semester 2022-2023

All students participating in F2F activities may choose to submit the following requirements via https://forms.gle/ivDQfdfRtwcAdjJu5
Deadline: September 7, 2022
Alternatively, you may choose to present your vaccine card to the guard upon entry.
Kindly label your vaccine card image/pdf as follows:
Lastname, First name_F2F requirements
1. Proof of vaccination (at least 2 doses, or 1 dose janssen)
2. Emergency contact info

Those who already submitted requirements during the previous semester, or the midyear for Chem 197, Chem 200 or the bridging program NEED NOT RESUBMIT.

You are still required to get your medical certificate to comply with your admission requirements if you have not had your initial physical due to the pandemic. You may do so during the semester.

Courses to be administered fully face to face
Chem 101.1
Chem 102.2
Chem 113
Chem 145.1
Chem 153
Chem 197
Chem 200

Courses with remote lectures and face to face assesments

Chem 28 (for chemistry majors only)
Chem 33
Chem 145
Those who are do not have any of the courses listed above NEED NOT SUBMIT.
Please expect delays in scheduling your medical clearance appointment due to the volume of students starting F2F. Plan accordingly and book your slot early.
For any concerns or questions kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.